Monday, June 05, 2006

Windows Hosting V Linux Hosting

Which web hosting to choose, Windows web hosting or Linux web hosting is a question that perplexes web masters who look to host a website for the first time.

Just like we have Windows™ Operating System (OS) and Linux OS to run our PCs, server level OS manages the website at the server level. Many think they should go for Linux web hosting or Windows web hosting simply because they use Linux OS or Windows OS at office. The PC operating system doesn’t matter in case of web hosting platform. You can have Linux for PC and Windows Server version to host your website and vice versa.

So what is the difference between Windows and Linux hosting?
There is hardly any difference between Linux hosted websites and Windows hosted websites. Contrary to some beliefs, Windows servers are safe. With Linux, you can keep the costs down because your spend less for proprietary software. New advertising campaign by Microsoft aims to convince people that Linux hosting is as costly as, if not costlier than Windows hosting.

A little math
Linux accounts for about 59% of all websites hosted in the net, while 25% of all websites are hosted in Windows platform. Search engine leader Google™ uses Linux platform for its operations.

For ecommerce sites or dynamic, interactive sites, you need to have a database with quick access through easy interface. Windows platform supports Access Database and ASP Script. MYSQL Database is used in Linux. Both platforms support PHP, CGI, Perl etc. Just think these technologies are to manage the functions like shopping cart.

Beginner webmasters usually look for Linux Web hosting mainly due to its affordability.

Windows and Linux Hosting by Gate Hosting Banner

This web hosting provider offers web hosting solutions for both Windows and Linux platforms.Domain name registration costs $6.95 a year and hosting plans start from $ 9.95/month.

Dedicated servers too are available at $99/month.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Must-have Features of Web-hosting

Why do you want to have a website? An online presence makes it easy for others to quickly locate you and see what you have to say or to sell – right! We can’t control the time when visitors reach our website – thus the most important feature to have, the website needs to be accessible 24 hours round the year. This is where we hear about 99.99% uptime guarantee by professional web hosting services. Let it be a personal, business or ecommerce site – you need to find some web host who can provide you with 99.9% uptime guarantee. This ensures your website is there while someone tries to log in to your website.

Next but a bit more important is security and backup. Firewall protected servers offer high levels of security. There needs to be in place software solutions to prevent virus, phishing, email bombing attacks that target the stability and credibility of your website. Ecommerce sites require SSL systems in place to ensure the personal data your visitors share with you is secure. If you are a startup ecommerce company, it is better to entrust a third party credit card handling service like Paypal. Should you directly handle the credit card information, you must look for the security features compliant with internet security standards.

There should also be powerful data backup system. Even if you host in a free web-server this is a must. You value your important data the most and you don’t want to lose it to any misfortunes.

Storage Space
Many people fall for 10GB storage space or more. But the fact is that most webmasters end up with a large chunk of their allotted quota of disk space unused. Make sure you buy data storage space only a little more than you actually require.

Data Transfer
Then there is bandwidth or data transfer limit. This is where most people make a mistake. Sometimes the data transfer limit they subscribe to can be insufficient or much more than is actually required. Websites that have a lot of flash pages, images and video streaming takes up much higher bandwidth than plain HTML websites. Ecommerce sites also require higher bandwidths. Choose the bandwidth limit only according to the activity of your website.

That much said, are you looking to find a website hosting provider who can actually give you a website hosting solution that is just right for you?

Website Source

Easy Ecommerce source

This web hosting provider help you host 4 websites in 5000 MB space, with 30 GB data transfer limit and 99.9% uptime guarantee for $6.85/month. Private servers with unlimited domain hosting plans and reseller hosting plans start from $34.96 a month. Protection against spam mails, virus attacks DDoS attacks guaranteed. Blog and chat support, ecommerce facilities available. Downtime is also kept to minimum while you transfer your website from another host to website source.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ten Professional Web Hosts

Ten Professional Web Hosts

While looking to host professional looking websites for business, you need to find professional web hosting companies. You can’t compromise on the look of your website or its guaranteed 99.99% uptime. Ecommerce sites also need the database protection, firewall protection, SSL for a secure shopping experience for the visitors etc.

Apart from unlimited email accounts or FTP account and such features, what business persons look for in professional web hosting is the support they are guaranteed, to sort any difficulties as and when it occurs, complete data backup, enough bandwidth, protection against email bombing, virus, phishing attacks and spamming.

Quick loading of the page is a must for every business websites.

Listed below are ten professional web hosts. They have plans for personnel and startup business houses.Relying on a professional web host is 10x better than looking for any Free Hosting gimmicks. The few dollars you spend on low-end personal websites is justified by the safety and technical support professional web hosting servers.

Backbone Internet HostingWeb Hosting Solutions from $9 per month

Reliable, feature rich web hosting service for advanced users and committed support for beginners.

Dedicated servers, 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 server support, secure webserver with firewall, monitors and active defence and friendly technical support… all for $10 a month.

Server setup is free and you have a 30 day money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfactory with their web hosting service. $16 for domain name registration is non-refundable since you can use the domain name.

Apollo Hosting

Website Hosting by Apollo Dedicated web hosting and web based solutions for personal, small business to large enterprises and resellers.

The choice is unlimited with Apollo Hosting, from blog support to dedicated servers. Advanced spam filtering, website designing and online marketing support is available for business plans.

Winner of many a awards, Apollo Hosting offers 99.9% uptime guarantee – you ensure your website is always on.

Shared hosting plans start from $6.95 a month to dedicated servers at $99.95 a month.

Host your site in minutes with the advanced site builder tools.

Gate Web Hosting Hosting Banner

The New Standard in Performance and Reliability - that is the catchphrase of GATE web hosting service. Domain name for $6.95 a year.

Hosting plans start from $ 9.95 a month for both Unix Hosting and Windows Hosting, both comes with 5 GB of Disk Space, 200 GB Data Transfer limit, 100MB of MySQL server.

Important part is Gate offers 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Dedicated Server plans start at $99/month.

They upgrade their services with latest tools and backs their service with
professional support.

Vendio Web Hosting

Affordable web hosting solutions for personal and small business needs. Personal website plans start from $6.95 a month, which comes with free setup, and free domain name registration. Offers disk space of 3GB and data transfer 60GB. It also comes with 250 email accounts and ecommerce support.

Business plans start at $ 17.95 a month, with free setup and domain. 6 websites in a single account

Site building templates, blog and chat support, photo album, forums, boards and polls support, real estate website builder, detailed website statistics and visitor tracking are value added features that come free of cost.

Host Gator

Reliable web hosting service provider for shared, dedicated and reseller hosting. Their control panel (CPanel 10) gives you full control over minute details of your web hosting account.

Personal hosting plans start at $6.95 a month, reseller plans are at $24.95 and dedicated hosting starts at $174. All plans come with unlimited sites.

You will find the services reliable on the long run as you browse through their website.

1 and 1 Web Hosting

Buy web hosting from 1&1- Get more for Less Money The extent of flexibility you seek in your website is available with 1and1 web hosting. Reliable backend servers and hardware ensure protection for your precious data.

Offers a data transfer speed of 100 Mbit. Web building and web marketing tools are also available.

Catering primarily to UK market, server is available for e commerce and personal sites from around the globe.

Advanced Network Hosts

6,000MB Disk Space &  Xtreme Bandwidth From $6.95
From small business to large enterprises, web hosting assistance for every need is available here.
Flexible hosting terms for almost all web hosting needs, from personal websites
to sophisticated ecommerce sites.

Jumpline VDS Web Hosting
Jumpline offers web hosting on Virtual Dedicated Server, with all the tools do host and manage highly professional websites that serve you in long term.

Here you have your own web and mail servers, own database, multilayer security, and ability to host multiple domains. You can also benefit from independent file handling.

You can also host blog, or can set up an ecommerce site, with complete security features and shopping cart facilities.

Server Pronto

An affordable Dedicated Server,
Server Pronto offers web hosting solutions for small to large business enterprises. Dedicated server and 99.999% uptime guarantee.

And don’t worry about DDoS attacks, a deliberate attempt to take your site down, as the Gigabit Ports will effectively neutralize such attacks.

I Power Web

Having a look at the price structure of different plans gives you an idea about the flexibility of their services. Starter Plan - $ 3.95/month, Pro Plan $ 7.95, Pro Plus $ 12.95, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) $ 26.95 and Dedicated Power Servers for $ 79 a month.

Pro plan is best seller at I Power. It offers free domain name, up to 10 GB storage space, 6 website in one account, and up to $ 100 of advertising credits are the features of Pro Plan Priced at $ 7.95 a month.

24 hr live technical support ensures your doubts and technical difficulties are cleared as quickly as possible.